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Once you decide to get abs it is very important that you acquire the right knowledge about what diet and exercise plan best suits your lifestyle so you can save a lot of energy and effort you would otherwise use for your own trial and error process. I have reviewed many weight loss and muscle building plans and selected the very best, the ones that have the highest success rate and are realistic enough that a regular individual can apply in order to reach the goals he/she set. As people have different preferences, differed eating habits and workout resistance, I included several programs for both women and men.

The Truth About Abs – best six pack abs program out there

Truth About Abs This is a guide that offers you a lot of information, explaining you from the very basic to the very complex principles you need to understand in order to train and eat right for a six pack.
I highly recommend The Truth About Abs because it is an overall guide, focusing not only on the specific exercises that offer the best results, but also emphasizing the importance of nutrition and general eating habits that can really make a difference.

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The following guides are also helpful and provide you with essential information and support in your efforts to get ripped abs fast. I have gone through a lot of these programs and selected the ones that are most comprehensive and have the largest number of satisfied subscribers:

Your Six Pack Abs Quest

Your Six Pack Quest This is an excellent training plan that teaches you how to burn unwanted fat and build the six pack you always wanted. What I like best about this program is that it is all – natural and highly practical, which means you will be able to get your six pack without complicated exercise equipment, nutritional supplements or diet pills. It is here that you can find tips which have helped thousands before you shed extra pounds and gain healthy muscles.

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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscles – great workout plans

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle What I liked best about this program is that it offers more than just the basics of weight-loss exercises and diets, it focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in general. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscles provides you with fat-burning principles and strategies that guarantee you will lose weight and build muscle in a healthy way. It is very motivating since it offers nutritional tips you can adapt to easily, and include in your everyday life, with long-term results.

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Turbulence Training – great exercise variety

Turbulence Training I found the Turbulence Training System to be an innovative one. It is special as it uses highly intense workout speed at short intervals to boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently that in the classical way. It combines resistance training with interval training offering you an exciting and challenging way to burn more fat than you would during traditional training. The old myth saying you can’t burn fat and build muscle at exactly the same time, is debunked with the Turbulence Training System.

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Fat Burning Furnace – boost your metabolism, focus on building muscles

Fat Burning Furnace I found this to be a well-written, detailed guide focusing both on exercises and nutrition. The product lived up to my expectations suggesting a well-structured program with short yet intense workouts 2 to 3 times a week that gets your body’s metabolism up making it burn fat and build up good-looking, healthy muscles.

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