Build Sexy Female Abs

Female abs are definitely one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. They set the tone of how the whole body looks like, so if you have a well toned core, the rest of your body will look leaner and better than it would if you had a flabby belly.

Some women are happy just to lose weight around their midsection and are not focusing on building their abdominal muscles. This happens either because they are afraid that they would end up looking as a bodybuilder if they start working out their abdomen, or they think that women need to put in a tone of effort and dedication in order to get a six pack. In fact, both of the above are false and show how little is generally known about women’s abs.

First of all, women should not worry about over building. Unless they take on extreme bodybuilding, or start using professional bulking supplements, there is no chance they’ll end up looking like a contest bodybuilder. Women should not be afraid to use weights during their abs workout. One of the two conditions needed for a sexy six pack is building muscles. You build your abdominal muscles the fastest when you include weights in your abs routine.

The best lower and upper abs exercises can be performed with dumbbells or leg weights. These weights shouldn’t be too heavy, but just heavy enough so you can do the exercise correctly without straining yourself and feel the muscle burning throughout the workout. In time, the body gets used to the weights, so it is best that you gradually increase the weight, to keep your body on edge.

The same exercises that work for male abs work for women’s abs as well:

  • crunches,
  • reverse crunches,
  • exercise ball crunches,
  • leg lifts,
  • bicycle

are some of the best abdominal exercises and they can all be performed with dumbbells or leg lifts. If you aren’t in a good physical shape, start your training program without weights and remember it is very important to do the exercises correctly. Once your body gets stronger you will be able to do more repetitions, and then gradually start adding weights.

female absFor tight sexy female abs, exercises must be combined with a well-balanced diet. Try to eat fewer calories and eat more often. You will be tempted to go for a strict diet, to see results more quickly, but this is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Your body needs to get enough protein to build muscles, and you need to have enough energy for your workouts. If you starve yourself you won’t be able to train properly, you’ll feel tired all day long and so the chances of you giving up your goal increase.

What you need to do when you’re on a six pack diet is be a little careful with what you eat. There are simple rules you can follow without feeling deprived or too restricted. For example you should eat five times a day. Eat more often and less! In time the volume of your stomach will decrease, your abdomen will look flatter and you’ll feel full after eating less than usual. Try to avoid sparkly drinks, they tend to bloat you, and make your belly look worse than it is. Try staying away from fast foods and sweets. You may allow yourself one cheat day, a day on which you can eat without counting calories or analyzing ingredients and feel no remorse after! Consider it your reward for all the hard work you put in during the week.

It’s not easy to build perfect female abs, but it is not impossible! The hardest part is getting started, then, once you get used to your new healthy diet and your training program, things become a little easier. The best feeling in the world is when you look in the mirror and see that killer six pack you dreamed of. And it’s not just the looks! Studies have shown that the fat around the midsection increases the chances of developing various illnesses and diseases. A six pack means no abdominal fat, so your heath has already improved. An added bonus is posture: you’ll stand up straighter and you won’t have back problems when you’re older.

So, as a woman, having a great ab means greatly improving the quality of your life: better self –esteem, better looking body, better state of health. All you have to do is watch what you eat, exercise regularly and keep a positive attitude. Anyone can do it, so you have no excuse not to get started right now!

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