How Long Does It Take To Get A Six Pack?

“How long does it take to get a six pack?” is one of the most common questions people have in mind when they start training for a  ripped ab. Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question that would apply for everybody. As individuals, we are different in many ways, starting from genetics, to height, life style, diet, etc. and as a consequence of all these differences the time needed for an individual to reach six abs perfection varies from case to case.

how long does it take to get a six packThere are however certain factors that play an important role in how fast you can burn fat and build muscles. So the answer to this question  is “as long as you need to burn abdominal fat and build muscles”. But I am sure you’re not satisfied with this answer, so we’ll have to look for a more definite one.

One of the most important factors in getting a six pack is genetics. Men gain muscle and lose fat faster than women who carry more body fat around their waist area. Then some people are endomorphs – this means they are naturally big boned, have wide hips and bigger bodies. They gain muscles quite fast but have a harder time getting rid of fat. Others are ectomorphs – this means they are naturally skinny and have smaller bones; they usually have a high metabolism, which means they burn fat faster, but gain muscle hard. And the lucky ones are the mesomorphs – people with a more muscular body type and lower percentage of body fat. They are the ones that will get a six pack faster and with less effort.

In order to get a well-defined six pack abs, you need to break the 10% body fat barrier, if you’re a man, 17% if you’re a woman. No matter what body type you are, you can break this barrier with a proper diet and lots of cardio. Many fat loss programs have 1lb of fat loss per week a top goal; the average weight loss for a normal individual on a proper diet and cardio routine is somewhere around half-pound per week. So once you know your body fat percentage and the number of pounds you need to lose to get under 10 or 17% body fat, you can get a realistic date for when your six pack will show.

The trick here is to know what to do to lose that 1 lb a  week without losing muscles. You need to be careful when you chose your diet so as to get enough energy from what you eat, to encourage your body to build muscles. Remember that your body also burns muscle when it is starved and that would really set you back from your schedule. If you want results to show faster, train intensively. Don’t over train through allow your body time to rest and build that sexy abdominals you dream of. Vary your exercises to cover all abdominal muscle groups and include weights in your workouts to stress the muscles more and see faster results.

Once you build your muscles you are on your way up, and you will soon notice that while on the same diet as before, you will lose weight faster as more calories are used by your body for the “maintenance” of your new muscles.

The answer to the “How long does it take to get a six pack?” question actually depends on you, on your body type, your genetics, gender, your training and diet plans and on your motivation. If you are on the right track, results should show in about a month to 8 weeks. Just remember to focus on these two things: lower your body fat percentage (this is overall body fat loss though diet and cardio) and build your abdominal muscles (with intensive training, weight abdominal training and plenty of rest)!

Now that you have the answer go mark your calendar, set your target and start working out! Stay motivated and work efficiently to reach your goal!

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