13 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss On The Go

You will not be able to get a six pack without a proper diet because you will have to lose the fat around your abdomen for the muscles to show. Since starving yourself is not an option, as you inhibit muscle growth and even worse, you burn muscles for energy, it is important that you know how to eat right ... Read More »

Transverse Abdominal Workouts: Complete Guide

The following transverse abdominal workouts will be very useful for your six pack. To get a ripped abdomen like that in fitness magazines, you need to train all the abdominal muscle groups and get good definition with the help of targeted abdominal exercises and weight training. The transverse abdominal muscle, also known as transverses abominis or transversalis muscle is a ... Read More »

Best Oblique Exercises

When you work out for a six pack abdomen, don’t forget to include oblique exercises in your training routine!  Each side of your trunk, at the waist has internal and external oblique muscles. The former is deep – closer to the spine, while the latter is superficial – closer to the skin. Their main function is to pull the chest ... Read More »

7 Guidelines For The Best Six Pack Abs Workout

Are you looking for the best six pack abs workout routine? Sure, you have decided you want to have a ripped abdomen this summer, but do you really know what you have to do to get the best results? First of all, you should know that abs exercises deliver slow results if you don’t combine them with cardio and, more ... Read More »

Stomach Exercises For Women

The abdomen is the part of the body most women want to improve. Stomach exercises for women are not that much different from the ones for men, since muscle work according to the same basic principles, irrespective of gender. Don’t panic, you won’t bulk up as much, even if you want to. The truth is that it is more difficult ... Read More »