Abs Diet Foods List

If you want to get a six pack ab, I’m sure you’re interested in abs diet foods. After all, diet plays an important role in getting the perfect abs. Why? Because your abs, no matter how well you work on them, will not show if they are covered in fat. So fat needs to go. There are so many diets ... Read More »

Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

What is the best exercise to lose belly fat? Tempted to say “the crunch”? It’s not the crunch, but don’t worry, crunches have been promoted as the miracle abs exercises, so it’s easy to be mislead… First of all, it’s not quite correct to say that this or that exercise helps you lose belly fat fast, because exercises don’t work ... Read More »

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast – 5 Principles to Know

There are a lot of miracle solutions that tell you how to lose belly fat fast, but the truth is, there is no „magic pill”, no special „exercise” or routine that will target abdominal fat in particular. This does not mean, that losing belly fat is an impossible thing to achieve, but what you need to do from the very ... Read More »

5 Exercises to Tighten Lower Abs

To get the perfect six pack, you have to tighten lower abs as well. Part of the rectus abdominis, the lower abs work as a whole with the upper abs to keep your straight position and allow the movement of the torso. Though they work together, I am sure you’ve already noticed that when you train, your upper abs tend ... Read More »