Six Pack Abs Diet Tips

Did you know that a six pack abs diet is more important than six pack abs exercises if you want to get a ripped abdomen fast? Yes, it doesn’t matter how much you work out, how much you focus on your abs, or how fast your abdominals respond to the training routine you’ve started, if your newly shaped abs are hidden behind that stubborn belly fat that keeps jiggling or hanging over them. Exercises don’t burn fat!  They just tone ab muscles that no matter how much they bulge up, they will still remain hidden until a good diet will help you lose the extra pounds.

Many diets are very restrictive, they focus on strict rules and deprivations but the perfect six pack abs diet is one that helps you understand how you need to change your eating habits in such a way that you don’t feel hungry all the time, you don’t deprive yourself of the things you want, and more importantly, you understand the principles your body works with, and help it help you get the perfect six pack showing.

six pack abs dietHere are some basic principles of the six pack abs diets that are guaranteed to keep you on track:

Don’t starve yourself

Your body is well adapted for survival. If you starve yourself, you will most certainly lose some weight really fast! Let’s not mention the obvious fact that you’ll lose more than fat with such a strict diet (you’ll lose muscle as well) and focus on your body’s reaction. It enters into survival mode! You start craving and you are more likely to give it all up fast! Your metabolism slows down, and you will notice that you will reach a plateau – you eat less, still you don’t lose enough. Even worse, your body’s survival mode means it has learnt that it doesn’t get enough food and by the time you give up your strict diet, it will become more efficient in storing energy: fat. You will still eat less than normal, but you will gain much faster than before. It is your body’s reaction to a potential future “crisis”.

Eat six times a day!

It is recommended  you eat six times a day. This way, you keep your metabolism active throughout the day, you eat smaller meals and in time reduce the size of your stomach and you don’t have the chance to feel hungry. Add a snack in between the main meals of the day.

Know what you eat!

I’m sure you basically know what is and what isn’t allowed in a diet. But did you know that your abs diet food list has to include all types of food so that your body gets all nutrients it needs? Yes, that includes fats! No, that doesn’t mean you can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner! If your carbs intake is low, your metabolism slows down and it will be more difficult to shed the extra pounds. Processed carbs are the ones that you should avoid, this means: pasta, white flour products, white rice.

When you are on a diet you should eat at least 25 gr of fiber per day. You get your fibers from fruit, vegetables, whole-grain, etc. These fibers are very beneficial, they help you feel full, yet they are low in calories, plus they clean your digestive tract by making everything flow more quickly through your intestines, and then out. Another strong point of fibers, is that your body burns more calories than you take in, in order to process them.


Yes, you read it right…. cheat! Chose one day of the week when you allow yourself to eat the things you like without any regrets. Time your cheat day so that it coincides with a party, or a day out and don’t see it as a step back on your road to six pack perfection, but as a well deserved reward. You need to make your six pack abs diet work for you, not against you! Once you get used to the six meals a day program, you will fell full sooner than before, so the danger of a setback is even more slim.

Drink plenty of water!

As with any other types of diets, water is very important for the six pack abs diet as well. It helps flush out the toxins and excess meals sooner so that your body won’t have enough time to process or store them. It also flushed out the sodium which reduces daily bloat. And if you try to drink a glass of pain water before you eat, you’ll realize that you’ll feel full with less. There is no limit to how much water you drink a day!

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