Stomach Exercises For Women

The abdomen is the part of the body most women want to improve. Stomach exercises for women are not that much different from the ones for men, since muscle work according to the same basic principles, irrespective of gender. Don’t panic, you won’t bulk up as much, even if you want to.

The truth is that it is more difficult for women to bulge up mainly because even if they work with weights, they usually use weights smaller than men and then because testosterone plays an important part in building up strong muscles, so … there’s no need to worry there.

It is recommended that the stomach exercises for women include both cardio workouts and full body strength workouts. You may wonder why aerobics and weight training are important when you want to shape up your stomach. Well, first of all cardio is a great way to lose fat, you’ll need to lose fat if you want to get those perfect six pack abs showing. Of course, there is no exercise that will just burn the fat around your midsection, so you’ll need to lose weight all over.

There is a large variety of cardio that you can do, and you can chose the ones that you enjoy, so you can have fun while you burn fat. You can jog, swim, play tennis, handball, basketball, dance, etc. All these help you lose weight and at the same time, they are activities you can do with friends which instantly makes them fun.

Stomach exercises for womenStomach exercises for women should also include exercises for body-weight strength. All women want to be nice and lean, and keep their feminine shape and when they hear about weight training, they are put off. You can gain muscle tissue without bulging up like a bodybuilder. In fact, if you work right, use a diet that will help you burn fat and do regular cardio, the muscles you’ll get after the body-weight strength training will give you a toned, firm and sexy look!

Perhaps you’re thinking that you just want a flat stomach, not a six pack ab, so why train with weights? Body strength workouts increase not only your muscle mass, but also your natural metabolism. Your body burns more calories to keep and “repair” muscles than for other types of tissue. When you train with weights, you boost your metabolism and burn more fat, more easy. Fat that would normally be deposited on your stomach or hips is then burnt in order to repair the muscles you’ve stressed while training with weights. The more muscles you have, the easier you burn fat. So … a double gain: less fat, a more toned body!

Here are three exercises trainers and researchers agreed to be the best stomach exercises for women (can be performed at home):

1. The Bicycle

Lie on the floor and place your hands behind your head, bring your knees up to a 45 degree angle and start a slow pedaling motion while pulling your belly button in to strain the abdominal muscles. Touch your elbow with the opposite knee and do 12 to 15 repetitions, 3 or 4 sets.

2. Crunch on an exercise ball

Sit on the ball with feet flat on the floor. Let the exercise ball roll back until your torso is parallel with the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and start performing the crunches slowly, concentrating on feeling the abs work. Do 8 to 12 repetitions, 3 or 4 sets.

3. Captain’s chair

Start with your legs dangling and then lift them until your knees reach your chest. Perform the motion slowly, in a controlled manner and then return the legs back into the starting position.

Remember if you want to get a flat, sexy abdomen, you should combine cardio with strength training, work your abs two or three times a week and eat and start a diet that will give you enough energy for your workouts and at the same time, help you lose fat.

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