Transverse Abdominal Workouts: Complete Guide

The following transverse abdominal workouts will be very useful for your six pack. To get a ripped abdomen like that in fitness magazines, you need to train all the abdominal muscle groups and get good definition with the help of targeted abdominal exercises and weight training.

The transverse abdominal muscle, also known as transverses abominis or transversalis muscle is a muscle layer below the internal oblique muscle.  It is a stabilizing muscle, acting as a belt to provide the stability of the core and if helps keep your stomach shape. It allows for smooth and powerful movements and strengthens the core of your body.

Transverse abdominal exercises are often forgotten, or cast aside as unimportant in regular abdominal training, and are rarely mentioned outside professional training circles. But these muscles are important as they will help you keep proper posture, enhance your performance, and … you can’t get a washboard ab without including them in your training routine. So, what exercises work on this particular area?

Vacuum Exercises

Your transverse abdominal workouts should always include stomach vacuum exercises as they are a great way to target this muscle. These are low-impact exercises focusing more on breathing.

  • Four-point transverse abdominal stomach vacuum

On a mat, or a carpet, get down on all fours, with your spine straight and parallel to the floor. Breathe in deeply, then exhale. On exhaling pull your belly towards your spine tightening the abdominal muscles and on inhaling release stomach.

  • Standing pelvic tilts

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Breathe in deep through the nose and then exhale trough the nose pushing your belly towards the spine and rolling your hips out in front of you

  • Contractions

Sit on a chair and inhale through the nose, filling your lungs only halfway. When you exhale through the nose, push your belly towards your spine. Tighten your abdominals and hold for about ten seconds.

  • Elevators

Sitting on a chair, imagine your belly is an elevator moving up. Breathe in deep through the nose – this is the first floor. Exhale through the mouth pulling your belly towards your spine and imagine you’re moving up to the fifth floor. Exhale rapidly five more time, getting all the air out of your lungs. Every time you breathe out squeeze your abs.

Plank Pose Exercises

The plank pose is another type of exercise that works the transversal abdominal muscle. It’s a simple move, the key being holding the position in order to strengthen this muscle.

  • Plank pose

Start in an upper push-up position, your hands directly under your shoulders and feet together. Keep your back as straight as possible; your head and neck are in line with your spine. Pull in your belly button towards your spine. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds breathing slowly and keeping your back straight.

  • Plank pose leg lift

Start in the plank position described above. Lift your left leg off the floor about 6 to 8 inches pushing your belly button towards your spine and holding this position for about 30 seconds. Return to the plank position and repeat with the right leg.

  • Plank pose twist

Start in a plank pose position, lift your leg and bending the knee slightly twist your body and reach your knee towards your hip. Then return to the plank pose position and repeat this movement with the other leg.

You should do these transverse abdominal workouts two or three times a week. It is very important that you don’t let momentum do the work for you! The exercises are simple, breathing and pulling back your bellybutton towards the spine being the key to doing these exercises right. If you get that burning sensation in your abdomen, it means you’re doing things right!

Now that you know how to strengthen your transverse abdominals, put theory into practice and shape up your abdomen!

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