Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About Abs is a comprehensive book that approaches the problem of weight loss and muscle gain in an overall manner, approaching concepts related to workouts, diet and lifestyle. It teaches concepts that can be applied to muscle building and fat loss, focusing on the abdominal muscles and offering a certified solution for losing stubborn stomach fat.

About the author

Mike GearyMike Geary’s experience in the field of fitness is renowned. He is a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer who has helped many overweight individuals lose extra pounds and build muscles in a natural way, without any special equipment or drastic diets.

Despite his current fame, he is still a very approachable guy willing to share his in-depth knowledge about fitness with the novices. I have asked him some questions by email and received a detailed, personalized answer the following day.

Truth About Six Pack Abs Overview

Mike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs provides full, detailed descriptions of the most effective abs exercises and the ones you should avoid. Moreover, the author explains how abs exercises are – contrary to popular belief – the least important part of the training program, and in order to get the best results you should focus on full-body workouts plus a combination of key exercises that stimulate a fat-burning hormonal response of your body and increase your metabolic rate.

Since being able to “see” your abs is your final goal, the author emphasizes the role of a proper diet in burning off fat. The diets recommended, debunk some myths about weight loss and will actually allow you to enjoy food again, while shaping up your abs. With his recommendations, food becomes the fuel needed to burn extra pounds and build strong healthy muscles.

Mike also explains the way human bodies work and helps you understand the importance of diet and nutrition for a flat stomach. It includes updated information about dietary fats, carbs, protein, blood sugar and insulin and the way these affect the ability to lose weight. In it you can find over 84 healthy stomach – flat burning plans, so that in the end you can structure your own successful nutrition plan.

The Truth About Abs program is developed for beginners, intermediate and advance levels and the diets can be used by old and young. The key to the success of the book is the fact that the program can be put into practice by both men and women and that it focuses on increasing metabolic rate and triggering a proper hormonal response to the exercise. Many people report great results with this program. You can see some of their stories here:  Truth About Abs Testimonials.

The PROs:

  • It helps you realize the mistakes you’ve made with your previous attempts, changing the way you approach weight loss
  • teaches you how to differentiate myth from reality;
  • helps you make the right diet and exercise decisions;
  • motivates you in reaching your goal with lifelong success.
  • avoids the use of ab machines and complicated equipment

The CONs:

  • Author provides a lot of information
  • Diet may seem restrictive if you are used to eating a lot of processed foods
  • Reading so much text can be a bit hard on the eyes so you may want to print it out

What does Truth About Abs include?

  • 142 page main guide
  • Personal metabolic calculator
  • Subscription to Mike’s newsletter
  • Meal planner guide
  • Bonus DVD “5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss”
  • 4 audio lectures
  • The 8 Week Dumbbell Bodyweight Fusion Workout Program

The Truth About Abs comes with a money back guarantee, a testimony that the author, Mike Geary, is truthful and confident in the information and advice he offers.

Truth About AbsConclusion

The Truth about Abs is a complete program that will help you get in shape and build killer abs. Thanks to its clever combination of exercises and diet you will be able to improve your lifestyle while working on your body. The healthy principles are very well presented and easy to follow so you have no more excuse to be out of shape!

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